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Pay As You Go


+ One time on-boarding fee

  • 2 Integrations Unlimited Integrations
  • new user 2 Users ($10/Mo for each new User)
  • records 500K Records/Mo (+0.006$ each Record)
  • Advanced Mappings & Modifiers Advanced Mappings & Modifiers
  • Activity Logs Last 3 Months Integration Logs
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Additional Services

Add a user

Add an additional user

$10 / Month for every new user

Additional Add-ons

No required for additional add-ons


What are records?

A record is an entity which can be a customer or order or anything which is ready to flow between the integrated systems. This can be anything in the CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) process.

How do records affect pricing?

Cloras keeps track of the number of records flowing from one system to the other. It costs $0.006 for every record (post the package limit of 500,000 records for the month) and eventually gets added to the base fees $750 for that month.

Why Cloras follows PAY AS YOU GO pricing?

We do not want to push our customers into random plans and charge them even if they don’t use it completely. We only charge the base price of $750/mo for the application & its features and record based pricing post the plan’s threshold limit. It accommodates customers of any size and the same features are available to all the customers with uniformity.

The site traffic is not the same for all the months. For instance, the transactions could be higher when there are seasonal sales and lower during other months. PAY AS YOU GO pricing helps our customers to pay for only what they use.

How much does Cloras’ implementation cost?

The implementation cost is a one time on-boarding fee and is based on the features. Talk to us or drop a mail at to get a demo and to learn more

Will Cloras support customized services?

Cloras is designed to be completely scalable & flexible and hence supports customized services. However, the customization’s cost will not be covered in the base plan. Talk to us to know more or drop a mail at