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Plan Comparison




Admin dashboard
Sub accounts 5 Unlimited
User access levels
Number of projects 2 5 Unlimited
Number of pipes (per project) 3 10 Unlimited
Number of systems 2 4 Custom
Flow builder
Modifiers Basic Advanced Advanced + Custom
API calls limitation (per day) 50,000 1,25,000 Unlimited
Scheduler and Automation
Minimum threshold 30 mins 10 mins 5 mins
Parallel processing
Failure record reprocessing 3 times 5 times 10 times
Logs archive time 1 month 3 months 6 months
Email notifications Preset Custom Custom
Support priority Standard Standard High

Cloras FAQs

What are the records?

A record is an entity that can be a customer/order or anything that is ready to flow between the integrated systems. This can be anything in the CRUD (Create, Read Update, Delete) process.

What do you mean by a project?

A project is a single entity comprised of applications that a company needs to integrate (ERP, eCommerce, CRM), through the entire integration flow and set up.

What do you mean by pipes?

A pipe is a separate module or data point that is managed within a system. E.g., Customers, Orders, Inventory, and Pricing are all different pipes. Configuring pipes mean integrating similar pipes and transferring data between the two systems.

What is a flow builder?

Flow builder helps you to set up the complete flow of your integration, in terms of when the APIs should be called, what pipes should be included, along with the data mapping and modifiers that should be executed, and when the data transfer should happen.

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“We turned to Cloras when our largest account needed us to integrate an e-procurement system. From there we designed and developed a new website featuring this function in only a few months’ time. We have been consistently impressed with this company and have recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues.”

Kendall Ducote, Vice President, Technology

Moody Price

“MDS needed a B2B site that our customers wanted to use, a site that was intuitive to how our customers already used ecommerce in their day to day lives. Most ERP ecommerce solutions do not function the way our customers need them to. Cloras bridges our Prophet 21 data and our e-commerce webstore. In the background, Cloras is giving our customers a way to view inventory levels and current pricing, thereby saving time and improving order accuracy.”

Christa Shoukry, Vice President

Manufactured Duct & Supply

“The Cloras team helped us integrate our ERP system (Prophet 21) with our BigCommerce site. With Cloras, we now have full control to easily automate and schedule the frequency of inventory levels, orders, customer data, and pricing from our ERP system.”

Matt Milos, Director of Digital Sales & Marketing

The Chas. E. Phipps Company

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