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Is your existing iPaaS from vendors like Jitterbit, nChannel, Workato, Celigo, Cleo, Custom-built or
any other provider? There is no shortage of reasons for you to switch and scale-up. CLORAS helps
you unlock new possibilities customized to your will, helping you to adapt to changing business
landscapes, as well as being more flexible than any other players.

Change is Constant! We Make It Effortless

Regardless of how balanced your business position is currently, you need to keep pace with your fast evolving industry and competitors. Any integration platform that keeps you stagnant, with limited connectors and customization, spells doom for you in the coming days, if not already today.


Are you on a marathon of exponential growth?

Great job! But don’t be complacent. Look for an even better solution that’s futuristic with regards to integration like custom connectors, scalable APIs, microservice management, data security compliance, all which CLORAS iPaaS is, right now.

Are you stumbling to make progress?

Be assured that your current integration vendor isn’t capable enough to elevate your overall business to the next level. Don’t wait anymore! CLORAS is your perfect-fit scalable, flexible and fully customizable hybrid integration platform that places you in a full-fledged automation mode.

Let’s Talk Numbers


Increase in
integration efficiency


Reduction in time spent on managing applications


Increase in New


Increase in New

Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality!

There can be many reasons to switch to CLORAS


Connect Multiple Applications

Keep all your applications connected in one cloud platform, manage all APIs and microservices under one dashboard.


Pre-built / Custom Connectors

Just configure the ready-to-use existing connectors available in CLORAS or build your own connectors tailor-made to your requirements.


Design Custom APIs

Implement complex API functionalities cushioned to implement any process at will, without any of the limitations that usually exist in native APIs of applications.


Scale Your Integrations

Want to extend implementations in the future? A simple scalable integration module to add new integrations, modify existing setup, extend functionalities and data transfer limits.


Cutting Edge Integration Features

Gain access to features that differentiate us from other iPaaS like pseudo code flow builders, with advanced mapping & modifiers, flexible schedulers, detailed loggers as well as reporting & analytics modules.


No Developer Support

Develop, test and deploy connections, APIs and do anything you want without requiring any coding knowledge and developer support.

Migrating to Cloras.

Migrating from other integration platforms to CLORAS is a cakewalk. You just have to let us know your integration requirements and our integration experts will guide as well as set up the connections for you.

These are the few basic steps you would have to go through before going live on CLORAS.

Migrating to Cloras

1.  Requirements Gathering

When you look for iPaaS migration, this is where you’ll land. All you have to do is this initial step, where you schedule a short demo with us at your convenient date and time, and let us know your existing integrator and current integration requirements needed to migrate to CLORAS.

2.  Platform Walkthrough

Our integration experts will explain to you the exact solution, timeline and all the steps needed to complete the integration, beginning from setting up projects and integration pipes to testing and deploying the flows. You will also understand that setting up multiple integrations in a user friendly dashboard is really a piece of cake.

3.  Platform Access

Up next, you would have to share with us access to applications and their respective APIs that you want us to integrate and automate the data transfer. Access to these applications is needed to hit their corresponding database to perform the CRUD operations as part of integration and data communication.

4.  Hybrid Integration Setup

After the requirements are gathered and accesses have been granted, our integration experts immediately document the process and kickstart the implementation. Our utmost priority is to make sure we execute what we propose and deliver it to you live within the time frame proposed.

5.  Delivery and Maintenance

Post implementation, our team will test the entire integration setup once to check if the connections are up and running with all the required data transfer logic are working just fine, and deliver the live integration project to you successfully. Post delivery, our team is always there for you 24*7 to support, maintain as well as incorporate any new implementations in future.

You’re in Safe Hands!

Now that you know how seamless your iPaaS migration to CLORAS is! Here are some more stats so that you are clear to proceed with your migration process.

6 - 8 Weeks

6 - 8 Weeks

Average time to setup any integration



Data Migration



Lifetime integration maintenance and upgradation support

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call with our Migration Specialists.

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