How Cloras Works

Simple, Friction and Fearless Integration. Data Synchronization via Cloras Scheduler.

Cloras is a cloud-based middleware that handles end-to-end integration needs of your system. Integrates applications by building multiple tunnels using accessible microservices.

Steps to Integrate your applications


Provides Necessary Credentials for the Integration

As the first step, providing credentials for the integration entities and necessary access for CLORAS to communicate with your platforms seamlessly.

You can also verify the CLORAS connection
with just a click.

Define Your Flow of Integration

You can define your own data flow Just provide the source and destination server details with basic information such as name, status, and related details.

Once this is done, you can define mapping and modifiers(elaborated in features) for the data fields between integration entities. CLORAS provides you complete control of the native / custom fields mapping.

You can also setup dynamic and batch sync from the CLORAS platform.


Automate Your Integration

Once the integration flow is established, you can schedule the frequency of the integration and enable / disable Auto Mode.

CLORAS takes complete ownership of your integration and logs all transactions (just in case you want to have a look at it at a later point in time)!

You can also run a manual sync at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Cloras?

Cloras stands for Cloud Rapid Automation System, which provides a reliable and scalable solution to all aspects of digital commerce integrations with ease. Cloras acts as an intermediate connector takes care of the all data flow between two or more data points – ERP, CRM, E-commerce etc.

Cloras is a cloud-operated middleware that takes care of every integration needs of your system. Once everything configured, Cloras takes the wheel, and in turn, automates integrations. Delegate the time-consuming integration to CLORAS and stay focused on your business.

How long will it take to implement Cloras?

It depends on two factors, the data points that we are connecting to and the customizations have to be made as per the business requirements. Please email or schedule a call with us for more information and an estimate.

Apart from that, for a basic integration (with no customizations), it takes less than one week to set up the system.

What is the pricing for Cloras?

Pricing is custom, at this timePlease contact for more information.

How Cloras differs from other integration solution providers / connectors?

Simplicity & Scalability. Personal, attentive, responsive support. Timely, affordable customizations

We design and code our entire application mainly focused usability and scale. These are two of the major factors setting us apart from other connectors.

We provide a simple elegant intuitive interface for you to take care of the integration so that you can handle everything without the help of the developers. You can save that money & time and you can let your developers focus on your business feature improvements instead of facing integration-related problems

Do you offer customized solutions for our integration?

Yes, we do. We understand every business requirement is different and unique. Thereby, we often stretch our application to support the needed customizations to make our customers delighted. Talk to us to know more by requesting a demo or send an email to

Does Cloras support real time synchronization?

Yes. Cloras supports real-time synchronization of data based on the inputs provided while creating the tunnel. This feature is regularly used for dynamic inventory and pricing data.