How It Works

Integrate and Automate

Connect your ERP, CRM, eCommerce and other systems with each other and keep all your systems on the same page. Avoid data inconsistencies between systems and reduce the manpower involved in fixing those problems.

Cloras also helps you in controlling the data flow between your applications based on changing business requirements. You can make updates directly without waiting for a developer to jump in.

Keeping all your systems current and synchronized will save time and cost. No more manual synchronization is needed at all from your end once you delegate the work to Cloras.

PIM Integration

How Cloras helps your business


Automate all your integrations with the help of Cloras. Focus on your core business and improve productivity by integrating using Cloras.

Safe and Scalable

Safe, Secure & Scalable

Cloras is a scalable, safe, and securely automated data transfer middleware designed to support complex business integrations.


Every business has unique requirements. Cloras has a flexible architecture that allows customization to accommodate your unique business rules.



Cloras allows business users to custom configure their integration endpoints. Users can map and modify data through an intuitive visual dashboard.

Steps to Integrate your applications using Cloras


Provides Necessary Credentials for the Integration

As the first step, providing credentials for the integration entities and necessary access for CLORAS to communicate with your platforms seamlessly.

You can also verify the CLORAS connection with just a click.

Define Your Flow of Integration

You can define your own data flow Just provide the source and destination server details with basic information such as name, status, and related details.

Once this is done, you can define mapping and modifiers (elaborated in features) for the data fields between integration entities. CLORAS provides you complete control of the native / custom fields mapping.

You can also setup dynamic and batch sync from the CLORAS platform.


Automate Your Integration

Once the integration flow is established, you can schedule the frequency of the integration and enable / disable Auto Mode.

CLORAS takes complete ownership of your integration and logs all transactions (just in case you want to have a look at it at a later point in time)!

You can also run a manual sync at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Cloras?

Cloras stands for CLoud Rapid Automation System – an Enterprise ERP integration platform with unlimited potential to connect, sync and automate your ERP, eCommerce, and CRM integrations in one place. Consider Cloras as a plug and play integration solution delivered on the cloud that helps your platforms talk to each other. Cloras offers a robust and flexible system to enable your development team to run integrations efficiently thereby eliminating manual errors and huge lead time.

What is iPaas? Is Cloras an iPaaS?

iPaaS [Integration Platform as a Service] is a cloud-based service that connects all your applications residing in the on-premises or cloud. With iPaaS, you can use a single cloud platform to deploy your systems in different environments without installing any hardware. And yes, CLORAS is an iPaaS solution.

Why should I choose Cloras instead of building my own integration system?

Building an integration system on your own requires a huge amount of time and money. CLORAS is an integration platform with pre-built connectors through which you bring down your monthly spending and trim down your overall timeline. First, we’re on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about hosting. Second, we offer a wide range of support throughout most of the ERP systems and eCommerce platforms and, even if you switch applications in the future, we will take care of your integrations so you can focus on the business.

What are all the business applications CLORAS provides integration for?

CLORAS is an iPaaS platform that can connect any number and type of business applications ranging from ERP, eCommerce, CRM, EDI, databases and much more. Schedule a free demo and let us know what your integration requirement is and what systems you want to have integrated.

Can you mention some of the leading platforms CLORAS provides integration for?

CLORAS provides integration for industry-leading platforms listed below (but not limited to):

ERP Software: Oracle ERP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Business One, Distribution One, Epicor Prophet 21, Epicor Eclipse, Sage Business Cloud.

Ecommerce Platforms:  Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

CRM Applications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Pipedrive.  

Do you offer customized solutions for our integration?

Yes, we do. We understand that every business requirement is different and unique. Thereby, we can implement any degree of customization for your integration to make you delighted. Talk to us to know more by Scheduling a Demo or sending an email to

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