Expand the horizons of Healthcare through Connected Applications

CLORAS Health Platform streamlines the healthcare process through aggregating critical patient information from applications while adhering to security standards.


Establish an interconnected healthcare ecosystem and achieve success

All businesses involved in the healthcare ecosystem such as insurance provider, PBM, EHR/EMR, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and researchers are constantly looking for better ways to improve medical experience. Integrating all their healthcare applications ensures the availability of patient data at the right time as well as generates smart data-driven insights.

CLORAS Cloud Integrator delivers a Unified Healthcare Experience

Scale up Connections

Integrate any number of healthcare applications and add endpoints/customize to your needs anytime.

Secure Synchronization

Ensure security standards and regulatory requirements are adhered to while accessing omnichannel medical data.

Analyze and Optimize

Track, log and report critical healthcare metrics and optimize patient service accordingly

How does healthcare integration help you transform?

Irrespective of whether you are a health insurance provider, PBM business, pharmacy, hospital, doctor, or any other service provider in the healthcare sector? An integrated solution using CLORAS is THE way to level up your business.

Explore the features

Unified Patient Care

Ensure patient data is available real time from different applications with no delay.

Create Synergy

Ensure different stakeholders involved in healthcare continuum work collaboratively to achieve superior service.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Get rid of operational bottlenecks due to manual data transfer between applications by incorporation of automation in healthcare.

Optimize Services

Enhance the effectiveness of services provided by hospital staff, doctors, insurance agencies, and benefit managers.

Incorporate Smart Decisions

Leverage insights & forecasts from tools through integrating analytics with healthcare and use them for smart decision making.

Enjoy Return on IT Investment

An integrated solution in healthcare improves process efficiency as well as opens up new possibilities to expand services.

Leverage Patient Lifecycle

Keep track of the entire patient history through integration and deliver customized healthcare solutions that are patient-specific.

Coordinate Payments

Synchronize clinical payments across various providers like insurers, hospitals, pharmacies and primary care physicians.

Omnichannel Patient Engagement

Connect online, mobile and social channels with core healthcare applications and improve patient experience through social engagement.

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