Looking for what Cloras can do and how it can help your business? Check the key features below.


Seamless Integration

Once deployed per your business needs, Cloras asks for only the necessary information from you.

Let Cloras take the wheel while you efficiently monitor the data flow.

Cloras logically queues the data to make sure that information is not lost in the process. Also, data is sent only when the ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms are ready to accept the data.

Plug & Play

Cloras is designed to work as a plug & play implementation.

Integrating a datapoint should be almost as simple as creating an account with any website. It reduces the complications when adding new integrations. Cloras helps your developers to focus on implementing new features instead of integrations.

Almost all configurations are customizable, helping us to integrate any endpoint faster instead of duplications (DRY Principle).


Secured Transactions

Cloras focuses on the speed and security during integration transactions. It makes the integration possible between data points, with the respective secured data flow method provided.

All the key data stored in Cloras is encrypted and only the respective owners can access it. We apply strategic best practices to make transactions faster.

Cloras is a middleware that acts as an interface to transfer data between the connected systems. It does not store any copy of the processed information.

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

Cloras helps you to easily map data fields between the integration entities. Just point and hover over the entity.

You no longer need to depend on developers to control the data that flows in and out of your systems.

With modifiers, you can accomplish much more. You can maintain all complex business logic associated with each mapping. In other words, no more hard-coding!


Automatic Synchronization

You can set up synchronization using our user-friendly, intuitive interface and quickly change it based on your business requirements.

The sync time is entirely customizable – be it every 5 min or perhaps once in a week.

Don’t want to wait for the scheduled sync? There’s always a Manual Sync.

Real-time Synchronization

Real-time synchronization is the call for the day. We support real-time sync based on various parameters such as inventory levels, pricing library, customer segments, and customer types – to name a few.

Allows you to sync the data anytime you need to.


Bird's-Eye View Metrics

Provides general level insights such as number of transactions and subsequent success rates out of it, etc..

Tracks the number of customers and orders placed through the eCommerce endpoint.

Provides the status of all dynamic batches and all the credentials added in the system.

Allows you to filter all the above information in respective time durations.

Advanced Logging

Cloras is designed to be as intelligent as a personal assistant. It is capable of logging the data points for every task it performs (for example, information on processed data and leftover processes)

Now that every piece of information is saved, leave the work to Cloras. Should anything go wrong all your information is backed up safely.


Personalized Notifications

Cloras offers you much more. Easily create personalized reports and notifications that can be delivered directly to your inbox.

Receive notifications when new products, customers, any other entities are added/edited – based on your business needs.

Get flexible, comprehensive reports as part of your integration.