Outshine Your Competition Using Epicor Eclipse Integration

As a distributor, you must work hard to keep pace with your competitors.
Epicor Integration not only helps you keep pace, but also helps you rise to the top.


Omnichannel ROI Maximization Using Epicor Integration

Integrate Epicor Eclipse with leading eCommerce storefronts, marketplaces, CRM, 3PL, marketing & social channels, or any other software.

Integrating Epicor Eclipse with eCommerce

Synchronize orders and products real time and ensure you provide the best possible eCommerce purchase experience for your customers.

netsuite and eCommerce integration

Integrating Epicor Eclipse with CRM

Empower your sales team with omnichannel customer data and insights available at the right time for them to optimize their selling process.


Integrating Epicor Eclipse with SCM

Connect your 3rd party logistics software with Epicor Eclipse and standardize the way you communicate with your suppliers and retailers.


Integrating Epicor Eclipse with Marketplaces

Excel by integrating Epicor Eclipse with leading eCommerce marketplace applications like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and much more.


Integrating Epicor Eclipse with Marketing Channels

Let all your backend teams know the social media signals from target audience as well as the fruitfulness of marketing activities you do.

social media

Integrating Epicor Eclipse with Third-Party Tool

There may be other key software you must use for performing your business functions. CLORAS can connect Epicor Eclipse with any of them using the software’s native API or CLORAS custom made API for the software if needed.

third party software integration

Key Epicor Eclipse Integration Data Points

CLORAS is a scalable, flexible & customizable iPaaS that provides pre-built connectors, which you can easily synchronize any data point mapped & modified according to how you want it.

Orders Fulfillment

  • Shipping Address
  • Contact Information
  • Items 
  • Carrier Information

Stock Level Synchronization

  • Dynamic Inventory levels
  • Periodic Vendor Orders

Orders Processing

  • Invoice Details
  • Shipment Info
  • Tracking Data

Sales Cycle Optimization

  • Customer Quotations 
  • Order to cash duration
  • Purchase History

Product Synchronization

  • Product Details
  • Pricing Details

Pricing Integration

  • Dynamic Pricing 
  • Contract Pricing
  • Discounts & Offers

CLORAS iPaaS is the Ultimate Epicor Integration Platform

Pre-Built Connectors

CLORAS offers connectors to integrate your Epicor Eclipse ERP with any other application.

Hybrid Integration Platform

Connect multiple applications whether on cloud, on-premise, hybrid or embedded, without any hassles.

Cutting Edge User Interface

CLORAS integration platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

Flow Designer

An easy pseudo-code based interface for setting up and deploying your Epicor Eclipse integrations.

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

A comprehensive module to set up complex data transfer and field connection logic in no time.

Reporting & Analytics

A complete tool to measure and analyze the number of transactions, successful and failed ones, as well as comparison graphs.

Detailed Logger

Track every data transfer coupled with step-by-step debugging in case of failed transactions.

Flexible Scheduler

Schedule the timing & frequency for your systems to communicate or set it up to synchronize data in real-time.

Completely Secure Platform

CLORAS – A GDPR compliant platform ensures complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications.

CLORAS integrates Epicor Eclipse with any application

Don’t keep your applications working in SILOs. Use CLORAS for Epicor integration with any number of platforms.
Keep adding new applications to your integration pipe as and when you include them.

Customers using Cloras to
solve their Epicor Eclipse Integration Challenges

Choose a Plan that suits your Epicor Eclipse
Integration needs


For small businesses with limited integration needs, beginning to transition from manual or primitive integration solutions to a full-fledged Epicor Eclipse integration automation solution.


For mid-sized businesses with a considerable amount of integration needs and looking to further improve their workflow efficiencies by synchronizing multiple applications.


For enterprise businesses having advanced integration requirements, handling huge quantums of data and requiring a sophisticated Epicor Eclipse integration solution.

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