Embracing the B2B Commerce growth through Magento Epicor Prophet 21 integration.

ERP Integration

Choosing the Right Technology

The principal desire was to dispatch an online store. After in-depth discussions with DCKAP, they ended up choosing CLORAS for the integration. MDS HVAC had a static website and used Magento 2 as its platform. They chose Magento 2 because it is one of the biggest and most widely used eCommerce applications on the market. The community edition is license-free and more suitable for Midsize companies such as theirs.

Magento 2 is highly customizable and has a strong API feature that supports integration with third-party applications like ERP, CRM, Marketplace, etc. The project’s basic need was Prophet 21 integration. After hearing this, DCKAP, the Magento 2 implementation partner for MDS HVAC, suggested CLORAS (from the DCKAP Stable) which successfully integrated Magento 2 with their Epicor P21 ERP.

Challenges Faced

Before launching this new eCommerce website, MDS HVAC only had a catalog website that did not have any eCommerce features. Since the website is not tightly integrated with Prophet 21 ERP, customers could neither place orders 24/7 nor view/track their orders online. They could only place orders through a phone call during business hours.

Challenge faced
cutting complexity

Cutting Complexity

As a result of integrating CLORAS, every customer detail and order created in the eCommerce was automatically reflected in P21. Customers could purchase using their ‘Contract Pricing’ and could also place an order using ‘Charge’ in the credit line. The orders processed in P21 will sync back with Magento so the order can be tracked through the website.

Adding Agility

If a customer wants to make changes to an ordered item list in P21 during the order processing, a new order will be created accordingly and the old order gets canceled instead of editing the same order since the e-commerce will not be able to make the changes. The customer also has an option to view their Aging report and can have it printed for their documentation purposes.

MDS HVAC integrated ERP (Prophet 21) application. The customer can order the same items from the previous order history and by just clicking on the ‘Re-Order’ button. The end-to-end operations, from customer registration to order completion, is completely integrated and automated.


Key Capabilities of the Website

Quick Order

The Quick Order tab allows the customer to choose the specific products that need to be purchased by simply typing in the search bar, rather than scrolling down the list.

Apply for Credit

The customers are allowed to buy products on a credit basis and later make the payment once it is approved by the company.

Tax exemption

If the government had issued a certificate of permission for not paying the tax, that certificate can be used for exemption from the taxation policies of the company.

Request a Quote

Only the basic details are required to be filled in, and upon clicking on the ‘Get a Quote’ button, it sends a notification to the solution provider.

“MDS needed a B2B site that our customers wanted to use, a site that was intuitive to how our customers already used ecommerce in their day to day lives. Most ERP ecommerce solutions do not function the way our customers need them to. DCKAP took a great platform, Magento, and made it work with our ERP system. Cloras bridges our Prophet 21 data and our e-commerce webstore. In the background, Cloras is giving our customers a way to view inventory levels and current pricing, thereby saving time and improving order accuracy.”


– Christa Shoukry, Vice President

Success Stats

Let’s take a look at the growing statistics after CLORAS’ implementation. MDS HVAC has witnessed a significant increase in online/mobile sales revenue. The revenue in sales has notably gone up to 50%.

Magento Epicor Prophet 21 integration

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