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Cloras – The Best Way to Integrate Epicor P21 and eCommerce

Organizations integrating Epicor P21 and eCommerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Hybris, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud must ensure agility and scalability in the face of evolving business and performance requirements. With Cloras as a connector, P21 integration has never been easier.


Benefits of Cloras API

Implement Integration 2.5x Faster

Implement Integration 2.5x Faster

No Developer Help Needed

No Developer Help Needed

Saves Time and Improves Accuracy

Saves Time and Improves Accuracy

About Cloras

Cloras (Cloud Rapid Automation System) simplifies every aspect of integration, driving down costs and reducing the time it takes to deploy. With a flexible and customizable architecture that accommodates your unique business needs, It is designed to support complex business integrations safely, securely, and reliably. CLORAS is platform agnostic and serves as a bridge between the ERP and the eCommerce platform.

About Epicor P21

Prophet 21 is a fit-for-purpose, cloud-ready business system for digital distributors. P21 is an obvious choice for distributors across a variety of industries including Fasteners, Fluid Power, HVAC, Industrial, Janitorial/Sanitation, Medical Supply, Paper and Packaging, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Tile/ Flooring, and Safety Supply.Prophet 21 is an intuitive tool that will help boost the bottom line while growing the top line.


What Makes CLORAS Stand Out?

Cloras automatically syncs your customer details, product information, orders, and other requested data across systems. It improves efficiency and delivers the real-time data necessary to sell more effectively. Even though P21 ERP comes with its own connector called ECC (Epicor Commerce Connect), it has its own restrictions and low adaptability for businesses that are progressive. Below is a feature comparison of Cloras and ECC

eCommerce Platform
System Integrator DCKAP Silk
Base Platform Any eCommerce Platform Magento
Custom Functionalities Available Very Limited
Integration Platform
Connector CLORAS ECC
Functionality to manage the default settings in P21 Yes No
Capable of Passing Payment Related Information to P21 Yes No
Basic Key Features – Customers, Orders, Inventory, Products & Dynamic Pricing Yes Yes
Advanced Features – Fetch Delta Changes on Products, Customers & Inventory from Last Update Yes No
Direct Order Placement (Using an Import/Export Service) Yes Yes
Additional Features
Advanced Modifiers Yes No
UI Based Scheduling Yes No
Detailed Logging Yes No
Data Queuing Yes No
Analytical Dashboard Yes No
24/7 Support Yes Yes

Ensure Seamless Data Synchronization With Cloras

Customer Details

Cloras checks the customer details for both existing and guest logins. Creation of duplicate customer information is prevented by verifying the name, company, email address, payment method, and geographical location. Cloras also modifies the details and appends the customer information if and when there is a change.


Orders Details

Cloras offers you the luxury of transferring the order payment regardless of the payment method. If the payment is made through eCommerce platform, then Cloras passes the payment details to P21 with necessary fields. If the order is processed on the ERP side, then relevant order details are passed on to the eCommerce platform. Cloras also makes it easier for guest orders by creating a unique customer ID for future purchases.

Inventory Details

The inventory is synchronized in real-time and without any lapse for all the products. Cloras will identify the products based on whether it is an assembly item or an individual item. Cloras will change the logic based on the desired result. Cloras is also capable of pulling and displaying inventories from different warehouses.


Product Details

Products created in P21, to begin with, have the basic information. This information changes based on business needs. When new products are created in P21 or if their attributes are modified, the changes are synced at regular intervals between P21 and the eCommerce platform. This synching of product information ensures the latest product information is available for the customer.

Dynamic Pricing

Cloras retrieves the pricing dynamically from P21 ERP based on the customer details. For e.g. discounted prices are displayed for favorite customers. This dynamic pricing service ensures that there is parity between the pricing information in the P21 ERP and the eCommerce site.


Simplified Integration Workflow

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CLORAS Implementation Services

We have implemented CLORAS across medium and enterprise level clients. This experience has taught us that your back office is as unique as your business itself. We do a detailed study of your software ecosystem and our team works closely with you to ensure a successful integration. Whether you need a pre-built solution or a custom integration, CLORAS Implementation Services has the advantage of delivering an unique solution that fits your needs.

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