BigCommerce Epicor P21 Integration

BigCommerce p21 integration

A BigCommerce website provides a versatile solution that helps optimizes your eCommerce business for growth. Epicor Prophet 21 provides robust B2B back end features for end-to-end data processing and management with regards to supply chain, finance, product, sales and so on. BigCommerce P21 integration through Cloras middleware combines the features of the two, thereby delivering an omnichannel solution for driving maximum revenue.

Streamline your Business Processes through
BigCommerce P21 Integration

Real Time Synchronization

Integrating BigCommerce with P21 software ensures real time bi-directional synchronization between the two systems of key information such as customers, orders, products, and so on.

Automatic Synchronization

Gain complete control over what and when key data related to orders, customers, products, are transferred between BigCommerce and P21 systems, eliminating manual data entry.

Purchase Orders

Transfer B2B purchase orders arising in BigCommerce storefront in real time with P21 ERP that’s tailor made for streamlining the B2B orders, resulting in a more swift order fulfillment.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize conversions through custom pricing based on several conditions such as bulk orders (bulk pricing), demographics, purchase behavior through BigCommerce P21 Integration.

Payments and Invoices

Systematize your accounting and billing processes by means of synchronizing invoices & customer payment details from your BigCommerce eCommerce into your P21 backend.

Products Management

Keep all your product list, SKUs, categories, description and inventory data synchronized between your BigCommerce store and P21 ERP through integration.

Inventory Management

Leverage real time product inventory sync between your P21 ERP and BigCommerce eCommerce and avoid overselling or underselling by conveying right data in your store.

Tax Exemption

Provide tax waivers or concessions automatically in your BigCommerce storefront based on tax brackets maintained in your P21 ERP for different criteria.

Contact Information

Verify customer contact data right at your BigCommerce store, identify and auto-populate repeat customer data from P21 ERP through bidirectional sync of customer information.

Credit Purchase

Seamlessly manage credit sales by keeping credit transaction data in sync between BigCommerce and P21 by integrating the platforms

Shipment and Delivery

Enhance your customer experience by automating shipping process, updating tracking details, order status from P21 into BigCommerce storefront and shortening your shipping cycle.

Returns Processing

Connecting your BigCommerce and P21 systems facilitates swift management of reverse logistics and replacement requests that arises from the eCommerce store.

Delegate the time-consuming integration challenges to Cloras and stay focused on your business.

CLORAS - Your extensive BigCommerce
Prophet 21 Middleware

Simplify every aspect of integration and reduces deployment time

BigCommerce P21 Integration

CLORAS allows integration with any basic API and serves as a bridge between your BigCommerce storefront and Prophet 21 ERP. This BigCommerce Prophet 21 middleware is designed to support complex business integrations with safety, security, and reliability. Cloras has a flexible and customizable architecture that accommodates your business needs.

BigCommerce + Cloras + Epicor P21

Cloras provides seamless Integration of BigCommerce and Epicor P21 for all core functionalities like Customer Information, Inventory, Product Details, Purchase Orders, and Shipment Info.  Also, CLORAS custom API is designed solely for P21 ERP to meet all the complex needs that other P21 API’s can’t.

Integrate applications faster
Integrate Applications 2.5X Faster
No developer needed
No Developer Needed
Improve accuracy
Saves Time and Improves Accuracy
Cloras Magento Integration

BigCommerce P21 Merchants running on Cloras

Frequently Asked Questions - BigCommerce P21 Integration

Why should you do BigCommerce P21 Integration?

BigCommerce frontend provides an end-to-end customization o scale your online store using features like multi-channel selling and personalization. P21 is a readymade platform for B2B industrial distributors providing full-fledged solution for supply chain management, customer relationship management, eCommerce and so on. So, BigCommerce – P21 Integration provides dual benefit of both these front-end and back-end platforms which have been mentioned above.

How much time does it take to implement BigCommerce P21 Integration?

Basic implementation of BigCommerce P21 integration will take only around six weeks. However, it varies based on your integration requirements, how much pipes you need to integrate, the degree of customization and whether or not you need a customized API for BigCommerce or Prophet 21.

Do I need to allocate developers from my side to implement BigCommerce P21 Integration?

Nope.  You don’t have to allocate any resources from your side to implement BigCommerce P21 integration. Just request a demo and let us know your integration requirement for BigCommerce – P21 Integration and we will employ developers to have it done for you.

How will you benefit by using Cloras for BigCommerce P21 Integration?

Cloras is an iPaaS middleware that can integrate any two systems, be it ERP, eCommerce, CRM, EDI and much more. It provides option for incorporating Advanced Mapping & Modifiers, Advanced Logging and Birds-Eye view Metrics. Cloras differentiates as a middleware through its:

  1. Speed: Implement BigCommerce P21 Integration in just 2 weeks time
  2. Custom P21 API: The native API provided by Epicor for Prophet 21 ERP is very limited in terms of customizations and can’t incorporate all integration requirements. Cloras provides its own developed custom API for Prophet 21 ERP which is a much better alternative for Prophet 21 Integration
  3. Seamless Support: Our expert team is here 24*7 to provide all the support you in integrating BigCommerce and Prophet 21, before, during and for maintenance after integration
  4. Easy-to-Use Interface: Cloras iPaaS interface for integration is designed with utmost care for teams like you to easily use, and make connection modifications whenever and however required

How much will it cost to implement BigCommerce P21 Integration using Cloras?

You will be charged a one-time implementation fee for setting up your BigCommerce P21 Integration. Apart from this, you will also be having a recurring fee (i.e.): Licensing fee for Cloras to be paid on a yearly basis. The exact chargeable amount depends on individual team’s requirement in terms of level of customization and additions to be implemented as part of the integration.

How do I get started with BigCommerce P21 Integration?

All you have to do is to schedule a Free One-on-One demo with our experts at your convenient date and time. Get complete guidance on the step-by-step process and benefits of BigCommerce P21 Integration using Cloras.

Integrate your BigCommerce with P21?

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