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We are DCKAP, a digital commerce agency

Cloras is a product of DCKAP, aimed to solve the integration problems. As a full-service digital commerce agency for over 13 years, our journey began back in 2005 with two computers and an office space in Chicago. Back then, we were simply a bootstrapped technology company with a dream.

Two years later, we moved the headquarters from Chicago to Fremont, California. In order to maximize efficiency and value for clients, in 2008, our founder Karthik Chidambaram established a state of the art development center in Chennai, India.


What else we provide

DCKAP also offers 2 other products – Productimize and QA Touch, which helps the customers to customize the product in the way they need and managing test cases respectively.

We are committed to design and architect each product with utmost perfection and security.

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