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ERP Integration

ERP Integration is simply connecting and synchronizing your ERP software with other business applications such as eCommerce (front-end), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), marketing tools such as analytics, and other databases and data points that your business operates with. In short, connecting all the points a business leverages to input, manage, track and output data that are meaningful and important.

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  • Manual dataflow
  • Error-Prone operations
  • Real-time data unavailability
  • Poor sales funnel conversions
  • Hampered team collaboration
  • Automated business processes
  • Single source of truth
  • Accuracy of operations
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Accelerated sales conversions

eCommerce Integration

eCommerce platform helps you to manage the onlines sales operations. eCommerce Integration allows you to do a bi-directional data transfer between your digital commerce platform and the backend accounting and/or ERP applications.

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  • Slow processing of orders
  • Duplications due to manual data transfer
  • Complexities in handling customer data
  • Difficulties in implementing custom functionalities
  • Order processing throughput is high
  • No real-time data update
  • Improves functionality
  • Reduces the cost of inventory
  • Generate financial reports
  • Increases productivity and saves time
  • Reduces data redundancy and errors
  • Better control over your business

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an application that encompasses all the activities related to an organization’s customer base. This can include tracking, managing and organizing every customer journey in your organization’s sales funnel. CRM Integration simply means connecting your CRM application with ecommerce platforms, ERP systems and all applications that your businesses leverage on a daily basis, to keep every data point connected with your CRM software.

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  • Single source of truth
  • Proper delegation of customer operations
  • Shortened sales cycle and accelerated sales
  • Efficient customer profiling
  • Lowered manual workloads and errors
  • Higher conversion rates
Must have integrations
  • Website integration
  • ERP application integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Telephonic integration
  • Social media integration

One platform, endless integrations

Magento - P21 Integration

Increased efficiency

“DCKAP provided unparalleled service and support from our very first meeting through website launch. Both their design and development teams are some of the industry’s best made visible through their subject matter expertise, attention to detail and most importantly response times. We turned to DCKAP’s – Cloras when our largest account needed us to integrate an e-procurement system. From there we designed and developed a new website featuring this function in only a few months’ time. We have been consistently impressed with this company and have recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues. If a highly personalized Magento website with unique function is what you desire I would look no further than DCKAP.”

Kendall DucoteVice President of Technology
Magento - P21 Integration

Serve customers better

“Technico has worked with DCKAP to provide an interface between our ERP system, Epicor Prophet 21, and our Magento eCommerce site, via their CLORAS API. Their insight, teamwork and knowledge base has proved invaluable to the progress of the project. Technico also uses DCKAP to optimize our SEO and PPC programs. They have been very easy to work with, thorough and detail-oriented. Web search and ad buys are extremely important to our ongoing business success, and DCKAP’s talented employees make sure we are a step ahead of our competition”

BigCommerce - Distribution One Integration

Single source of truth

“The team at Cloras is simply the best. We are very pleased with their attention to detail, availability and most importantly, their knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and according to requirements. We have complex requirements with our personalization and appreciate the data flow they created between our two platforms.”

Jessi SmithsonProject Manager

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